New Book | Beloved Mother: Poems and Prose

A short and powerful poetry chapbook written by Saher Lalani in remembrance of her mother, Dr. Fatima Hashamali, a pediatrician who dedicated her life to caring for vulnerable children in Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan.

Emotionally rich, Beloved Mother illustrates the heartache of losing a loved one and the healing that comes from within. The author shares her memories of her mother and takes the reader to the hallways of the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu, Kenya, and to the narrow alleys in Karachi, Pakistan. These intimate poems invite the reader to pause and dwell in the tender moments of compassion and grace. Love is felt through the verses as these poems are certain to help you in your journey of personal growth, healing, and greater self-awareness.

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Saher Lalani crafts poetry to honor life. Her poems have appeared in SUFI Journal, Pediatric Research, Journal of American Medical Association, amongst others publications.

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Reviews of Beloved Mother:
⦁Saher captures her memories of her mother, whose grace and compassion shaped her. She invites the reader to see beyond the sterile clinical encounter, to dwell in the small moments of healing touch that open to transcendence – Dr. Lance Laird, Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Medicine.

Beloved Mother delivers a rich portrait of a woman who indiscriminately served humanity. These powerful, poignant poems present a nuanced evocation of loss, pain, and the art of remembering – Taha Kehar, author of Typically Tanya.

⦁A beautiful tribute to the intimate medical practice of the author’s late mother; It’s a gift to all who show love through the sacred practice of medicine and parenting – Dr. Marvin Dingle, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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