Virtual tour of “The Living Sea” by Prince Hussain Aga Khan and Simone Piccoli at the Museum of Natural History of Venice

The Living Sea presents the gaze of two friends: Hussain Aga Khan and Simone Piccoli in the extraordinary diversity of the underwater world of three countries: Tonga, Mexico and Egypt. Both born in 1974, Hussain Aga Khan, photographer, author of books and exhibitions, and Simone Piccoli, director of underwater documentaries, met in November 2014 during a dolphin expedition led by Simone in Sataya, in the Red Sea where gigantic groups swim. of dolphins with a long rostrum and where, nearby, the strange and peaceful dugong can be seen grazing.

In the following years, Hussain and Simone set their sights on Vava’u, one of Tonga’s two main islands in whose deep waters, every summer, whales go to give birth and on the Revillagigedo Islands, off the coast of Mexico, where megafaunas proliferate. such as oceanic manta rays, hammerhead sharks and gigantic whale sharks: the largest fish in the sea that also feed only on plankton.

Simone Piccoli 3S Production

To guide us in these three fascinating and different places, Hussain Aga Khan’s large-format prints, accompanied by the author’s comments, dialogue with Simone Piccoli’s award-winning films, shot during their expeditions together.

For this exhibition Marevivo Onlus and Marevivo Veneto Ets have collaborated with Focused on Nature , the Swiss association created by Hussain Aga Khan to promote, through photography, awareness of environmental causes and to finance some of the best charities in the world for particular species and ecosystems of interest.

The exhibition runs until 11 September 2022.

Take a virtual tour created by Simone Piccoli 3S Production here.

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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