SCANN Hot Kitchen, Nakuru, Kenya, celebrates 250,000 meals served since its establishment

Street Children’s Assistance for Nakuru Networks (SCANN) was founded in 1997 to provide homeless children with an education for a better society in the areas of Kabachia and Kisulisuli near Nakuru, Kenya. SCANN has continued to provide rehabilitation, food, clothing, shelter, and health care. A second location was opened at Rhonda slums to assist families hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic that has eroded their meagre earnings due to job losses. (Veronica Bosibori, Kenya News). ON February 6, 2022, SCANN celebrated the 250,000th meal served since its founding.

SCANN Chairman and Trustee member Mr. Shamsher Gilani, the program was started after the Board of Trustees SCANN realized that there were many people who had lost jobs and could not meet their daily bread (Pristone Mambili, Nakuru News).

The Gilani family manages a supermarket in Nakuru, and donates loaves of bread and medicine to elderly people who have been abandoned by their families (Veronica Bosibori, Kenya News).
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Author: ismailimail

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  1. Ya Ali Madad. I visited in Kenya in,1981 When Hazard Imam visited I visited in Nakuru jamatkhana I missed all my relatives who are not now in this world, but I never forget my journey in Nairobi Nakuru Kisumu and Mombasa. But most l enjoyed in Nakuru. I miss my cousin and Uncle in Nakuru


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