Suleman Raheemani – Singer, Composer and Music Producer

Singer, Composer and Music Producer Suleman Raheemani was around fifteen years old when he came across a toy guitar and started playing along with an old tape recorder with some random music. That spark, that moment of inspiration was sort of a beginning, as he recalls, “Something about that guitar, variation of sounds coming from it inspired me. I felt that inner voice speaking to me that being involved with Music is my calling. From that time onwards, my passion for music started growing”.

Suleman formed his music company “SR Production” in the year 2004 when he moved to Canada and worked as a Pro Audio & Recording Consultant at Long & Mcquade Music LTD. This started his journey as a music producer.

Since moving back home (Pakistan), Suleman has composed music and produced number of songs. He has collaborated with many national and international artists during this span.

For Suleman, creating music just to create for entertainment purposes has become less meaningful. He feels that through his talent and having gained meaningful experience throughout the years, he can do lot more. He has found passion working on projects that have “real” meaning.

Back in 2020, Suleman with his brother Sadiq Rehmani (Vocalist) produced a documentary film shedding light on child labour in Pakistan. This project was very well received by the fans.

Most recently, Suleman collaborated with various artists in Pakistan to produced a powerful message highlighting situation in Kashmir.

Suleman feels that challenges of creating and producing music over the time period has become intense. This is not because of the competition around, but it’s all about personal satisfaction. “Projects that I like to work on now may not be “super” hits. It may not trend high on the music charts, but it has to have value in real world” adds Suleman. He is fully aware of the trends. He is fully aware of how to brand market a product, but he chooses to stay away from the frey. He believes in the saying “slow and steady wins the race!”.

On spiritual spectrum, Suleman loves working on historical projects. Back in 2019, Suleman collaborated with Zulfiqar Ali Jessani to produce “Mowla E Kainaat- Hazrat Ali A.S” series highlighting the life History of Hazrat Ali A.S.

And in 2020, he produced “Shahnama E Karim” The Golden Years of Prince Karim Aga Khan from Golden Jubilee to Diamond Jubilee. A Lyrical Musical Journey.

Currently he is working on a Sufi project “Ali Rang Lagoo” and other multi artists collaboration project “Jugal Bandi”.

Ali Rang Lagoo is a series of Sufi Songs, Qawali, Qasidas and Geets praising Hazrat Imam Ali A.S . in this album Lyrics and Music has been given quite some variation to enrich the essence of the content.

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