Journey | Irfan Ali Bahadur (@iallyiab) | NEREW | Official Music Video

JOURNEY’ reveals the illusion of separateness from which we must all awaken. A voyage of thought, soul, and people who connect and materialise what is concealed into reality.

The track is an arrangement of a 7-minute music orchestral piece with incredible definition of sounds and beats that trigger the development of an unforgettable melody with an extraordinary 44 musicians playing together to create a unique history, including Ustad Bashir Khan (Presidential Award).

“So basically the journey took off back in 2015, when I was first introduced to the orchestral music. The symphony that underlies really inspired me. After 5 years of hard work, I could produce this piece feat maestros and a huge number of incredible artists. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Vajdan shah and Club432 for making this video and to all the incredible performers who contributed through their talents to make it happen. It wouldn’t have been possible for me without my late father’s unwavering support,” says Irfan.

Hailing from the Hunza Gojal region of Pakistan, Irfan Ali Bahadur has a solid background in eastern and western classical singing, performing arts, directing, producing and composing music, music coaching and training. Moreover, he has teaching expertise and a strong track record of taking initiative in the field of music. He has achieved success in the realm of music and has been selected for leadership roles within chosen fields.

One of Irfan’s greatest achievements was representing Pakistan at the Jubilee Games UAE closing ceremony alongside Salim – Suleman Merchant and other talented musicians/singers from all over the world. Prior to that, Irfan went on his first ever international tour to Tajikistan and performed at the “Roof of the World Festival,” representing Pakistan. Irfan has previously released a single called “Sounds of Pluralism – Gilgit Baltistan & Chitral,” which includes songs in the five regional languages of Gilgit Baltistan & Chitral (Wakhi, Shina, Brushaski, Balti, and Khuwar). The song has since then become a signature song of GB. Irfan was also a part of “Braadari Broadcast” representing Gilgit Baltistan, which was produced by MAD School Karachi.

In 2016, Irfan introduced a music platform called “IAB-MUSIC INITIATIVE” which aims to explore cultural music from all around the world. It focuses on discovering folk legends, promising and less mainstream artists of different ethnicity, bringing them together to provide them the best opportunity to collaborate via music, share their ideas and build a platform for exchange of their musical knowledge.

In addition to that Irfan has also directed many musical performances and performed with many international and local bands and artists like FUZON band, Akhtar Channal, Mary McBride (US), Kimball Gallagher (New York), Leipzig String Quartet (Germany) and many more at NAPA and other big platforms earlier.

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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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