Zaynah Bhanji Wins Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award

“Every year, we have a challenge: to select just 100 women to receive our Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards. These are women who personify what it means to be powerful through the way they empower and champion others, influence change and stand up for all of us. And as Top 100 winners, they stand among more than 1,000 powerful leaders across Canada who share that honour… and our thanks”. Women’s Executive Network

Photo courtesy: Zaynah Bhanji

Zaynah Bhanji (grade 12 student) has won “RBC Future Launch Future Leaders” award for her passion for machine learning and virtual and augmented reality. Zaynah began her technology journey at 13 and has been supported by companies like Google, CIBC, TD, Deloitte and Microsoft. Zaynah has been speaking at conferences globally in places including Dubai, Poland, Toronto, San Francisco and more. She is a huge advocate for women and girls in technology, and speaks to many to inspire them to pursue interests in science or tech. Source

Step in the world of Zaynah Bhanji and learn all about her amazing achievements by clicking on the link: Zaynah Bhanji


Zaynah Bhanji is also very passionate about music and has been singing and learning music since the age of 4, and is influenced by both Indian classical and English pop music. Zaynah is combining her passions for music and technology, and enjoys producing classical songs with a modern twist. Zaynah has had an opportunity to recite ginans in many Jamatkhanas in Toronto, Dubai and East Africa.

She is also’s “Rising Star” with her own website ( hosted by You can listen to all her ginans, qasidas and devotional songs in one place with lyrics and English translations.


Zaynah’s rendition of a classic Sindhi/Urdu song “Allah Allah Kar bhaiya” made famous by Pakistani artists Muhammad Ali Shehki and Allan Faqeer, Source: Zaynah Bhanji (YouTube)

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