Nimira’s Blog: Today (Sep 4) in #Ismailihistory: Hasan-i Sabbah acquired the fortress of Alamut

On September 4, 1090 Hasan-i Sabbah acquired Alamut, a remote mountain-fortress in the Rudbur region of Daylam in northern Persia (modern-day Iran), marking the founding of the Nizari Ismaili state. According to the Persian chronicles, Hasan gave the owner of the fortress a draft of 3,000 gold dinars as the price of the castle.

A learned theologian, scholar, and poet, Hasan-i Sabbah established a major library at Alamut. The Nizari Ismailis of the Alamut period continued to place a high value on intellectual activities despite having to defend against military attacks. Alamut and several of the Nizari strongholds became flourishing centres of intellectual activities with major libraries containing not only a significant collection of books and documents but also scientific tracts and equipment.

Author: ismailimail

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