Rajab Fidai’s “Dil Ki Sunih Mehfil Mein” (With Dance By 11 Year-Old Eshan Khalani)

“Dil ki sunih mehfil mein” is a fusion of “new age qawwali” & rap blended with light sargam produced by the Fidai Family as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Rajabali Fidai, Nabil Fidai, Raheel Ramzan are the lead singers with music composition done by E N O O. Rajab wrote the lyrics for this song.

JollyGul.com is presenting this song in a video format with a high energy dance performance by 11-year-old Eshan Khalani from Glenview (Chicago), USA. Eshan is in 6th Grade and is a devoted Ismaili Jamati Volunteer and also a proud Boy Scout.

Lyrics and translations are displayed for this bilingual Urdu and English song.

Video Source: JollyGul.com (YouTube)

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