Eshan Amin Khalani: Ali Ali Mawla Ali #ImamatDay2020

Dancing is my passion! It is something I enjoy doing the most. Combining dance with devotional music praising Mawla Ali and his nur, puts me in a spiritual mood which is hard for me to put in words. All I do instead, is put on the music, and let the lyrics, and music carry out my spiritual emotions. Eshan Amin Khalani

Eshan Amin Khalani, 11 year old from Glenview (Chicago), USA is a “star” in making. His passion for dancing has made him famous within Ismaili community in Chicago.


Eshan made his mark as a dancer during Diamond Jubilee year when he earned a spot to represent Midwest Jamat at the National Jubilee Arts Festival which were held in Los Angeles, California in 2018.

During that same year, Eshan got another great opportunity to perform on stage with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. This was a dream come true for this young prodigy.


Eshan’s next achievement, Hollywood movie, I Dream of a Psychopomp which is slated to release end of 2020. Eshan will be seen as “Daniel Parker” in this movie. Source 

Eshan gives credit for his success to his parents who have been truly supportive of his passion. Eshan’s dad, Amyn has been instrumental in developing Eshan’s GOD given talent. Through his own experiences as an artist growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, Amyn is grooming his son now. Amyn and Eshan work together as a team to discuss, plan, and execute Eshan’s dance performances.


Eshan is not only about dance. He is a “Honors” student achieving high grades in school as well. In 2018, Eshan also received “Certificate of Excellence” for his commitment and dedication to the Asian American community by State Treasurer, Maria Pappas. He is also a dedicated volunteer in Glenview Jamatkhana as well as a Boy Scout.

Eshan Khalani, Star in the making! 

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