Ekphrastic poetry by Afraaz Mulji

Poems of Silence explore the beauty and poignance of Silence.

Painful Silence:

chairThey lower their personages into the chairs, wooden with no embellishment, utilitarian.

The chairs accept the burden without the slightest complaint, not a creak is uttered.

In the painful silence, the chairs sit awaiting their respective burdens.


Cocoon of Silence:

As practitioners of the religion of love, we require no more distinctions,

Seeker! Your path is plural:

Beauty, Truth,

Knowledge, and ultimately Wisdom.

paintingDive with utter grace into the  ocean of non existence!

Let go! Obliterate yourself! Surrender! Blur the line between man and divine,

Embrace this eternal moment.

Listen oh wise one, for your knowledge can only take you so far.

The inner eye of the heart is true north.

In our Temple of unfathomable realities, lies a divine order encompassing the elegantly hidden secrets of the universe.

Take my hand and come this way friend, in this circle of enlightened ones, you are a welcome guest.

Stay awhile and drink from this exquisite goblet of drunken sobriety.

Make a wish, extinguish the candle and open your eyes.

In this immeasurable realm, through the silence lies the answer you seek, it is enveloped in a cocoon.


bottleUncork the stopper

On the bottle of truth

Break the dam

allow the water to flow

Embrace the flow

of the one who knows


Aql E kul

fluteYou are a reed,

become the flute,

Breath is the essence of Aql E Qul




Afraazadam Alnoor Mulji is a multi-instrumentalist and composer born in Tanzania.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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