Aga Khan University Report 2017: Creating Visions of Opportunity

“I would emphasize our responsibility to improve the quality of life in places throughout the world where that quality is unsatisfactory – fighting poverty, improving health and education, expanding opportunity – as the first manifestation of a healthy pluralistic ethic. Pluralism means responding to diversity not only at home, but on a global basis, creating genuine ‘visions of opportunity’ wherever constraints or reversals are in the air.”

–His Highness the Aga Khan
Chancellor, The Aga Khan University

President Firoz Rasul’s Message

Aga Khan University Report 2017: Creating Visions of OpportunityThirty-five years ago, the Aga Khan University was launched amid much anticipation and considerable uncertainty. Could a new private university based in the developing world deliver on its ambition to generate essential knowledge, educate future leaders and meet world-class quality standards?

AKU’s 2017 Report furnishes evidence that we have made great strides toward achieving these goals. Fueled by the support of our partners and donors, we are changing lives in Asia, Africa and beyond. Our faculty, staff and alumni are improving education for rural children, tackling the rise of heart disease and cancer, saving the lives of vulnerable women and children, influencing policy at the highest levels and much more. In Pakistan alone, we have an annual economic impact of over US$ 1 billion, spark quality improvement far beyond our campuses and serve numerous low-income patients and students, according to a recent independent study.

That we have been able to achieve so much testifies to the support of individuals like you, and to the foresight of our founder and Chancellor, His Highness the Aga Khan.

Yet the University’s work is far from complete. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, the problems facing low-income countries are more complex than ever, and we remain committed to constant quality improvement. Hence we are growing and evolving to meet the challenges of a new era. AKU is adding academic programmes in new disciplines, such as a master’s degree in digital journalism. We are treating far more patients and serving many more disadvantaged individuals than just a few years ago. And our plans to establish an Aga Khan University Hospital in Uganda are moving rapidly toward fruition.

I invite you to download our Report to learn more about the difference we are making with your help, as well as our plans to ensure AKU’s next 35 years are even more consequential than the last.

Firoz Rasul – President

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