One Enduring Lesson – Novel by Jamal Merchant

One Enduring Lesson – Novel by Jamal MerchantOne Enduring Lesson – Debut Novel by Jamal Merchant

Jamal Merchant, a London (UK) based Ismaili Chartered Accountant and Finance Broker has written a novel called “One Enduring Lesson” which has just been published by Rupa Publications of India.

Inspiration For The Title of the Novel

The title of the novel is inspired from the last paragraph of “The Memoirs of Aga Khan” wherein our beloved 48th Imam, Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah wrote :-

“Life in the ultimate analysis has taught me one enduring lesson. The subject should always disappear in the object”.

The Story in brief

Eager to start a new phase in life, Rahul Saxena, 27, a half-Indian British citizen, lands in Mumbai from London. Little does he know that Mumbai, the city of dreams, will turn his very life inside out. Fate takes him on a roller coaster ride that challenges his very will and determination to survive. Inspired by India’s synergetic religious traditions, Rahul fights back internal and external demons to write his own destiny.

In his narrative, Jamal Merchant has drawn inspiration from and integrated practices and beliefs of our faith – in particular meditative prayers and voluntary service which in the story help Rahul to emerge victorious from his horrific struggles and be triumphant in love.

One Enduring Lesson is a tale of the undying human spirit of survival against all odds.

For those in India or travelling to/from India: Order from Amazon India, Flipkart or any such mail order company.

Available via following resources:

  • USA (excluding Canada): Order from for delivery within USA.
  • In all other countries (UK, Canada etc) order from Vedams Books India – shipping to any part of the world.
  • An ebook/Kindle version can be acquired from the Amazon website.
  • The book will also be stocked at the British Library in due course.

Publishing Contract

It took Jamal Merchant eight years to conceptualise, prepare for, do the necessary research, and write the novel and get it published. Two years ago, thanks to the efforts of his son Imran, he was offered a publishing contract by Rupa Publications of India with the publication of the novel scheduled for August 2017 – during Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee Year! Rupa, one of the most reputable and prestigious publishers of India found the writing “interesting and engaging”.

For further information, contact:

Jamal Merchant BSc FCA (Author)
London, UK
E-mail :


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