Donate and support Parindey (An initiative by Ismaili youth)

This year team Parindey aims to cater 1300 citizens from Karachi and Gilgit Baltistan by running 25 creative therapies programs and setting up 2 creative centers.

Your small donation can make a huge difference in the community.

Project: Supporting the mental and emotional well-being of communities in Pakistan.

Donate and support Parindey (An initiative by Ismaili youth)

Our vision is to reach maximum citizens using creative therapy as our tool; who are in the slum areas or are in the minority community and do not have access to the quality therapy and are going through stress due to terrorism, economic situation or health problem.

We are raising funds to conduct 25 creative therapies session for the affected communities and setting up two creative therapies center in GB which will help in reducing the impact of violent extremism and making communities stress free in the areas of Karachi and Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan in next 6 months.

The program focuses on mental health well-being to diminish depression, anxiety, and similar psychological conditions. We’re huge believers of social and emotional well-being, therefore, we offer “counseling, music remedy, play therapy and art therapy” in this regard.

Donate and support Parindey (An initiative by Ismaili youth)

Source: Projects | Healing communities through creative therapies | LaunchGood


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