WHITE WASH: Sonny Thaker: Lessons In Greatness

WHITE WASH: Sonny Thaker: Lessons In GreatnessSonny Thaker has never really known quite where he fits. Having been born with a Ismaili Mother and a Brahmin father he was raised as, and identifies himself as an Ismaili.

With a rich family history consisting of a long lineage of Sevadaris that were very close to the Imam, Sonny has volunteered in the Ismaili Scouts Corp, served as a BUI teacher and is now working as a Life Coach.

Through the bloodline of his ancestry, Sonny has always known that Greatness runs through his veins…but he has struggled to identify with that.

Growing up gay he has become a proud member of the Canadian LGBTQ community and is often seen speaking at events around Canada.

Having overcome incredible challenges while experiencing so many set backs in his life path, Sonny has created a website and Facebook page (LessonsInGreatness.com) where he helps others to identify with their present Greatness so that he can remember his own. He hopes you will follow along this journey with him by ‘liking’ his Facebook page and connecting with him on Twitter.

The following video is a speech and movie that he created to speak to anyone who has ever struggled with the feeling of being ENOUGH.


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