Book Announcement: Remember Who You Are arrives July 10 (Pre-Order It Now)

Book Announcement: Remember Who You Are arrives July 10 (Pre-Order It Now)Rahim Snow’s first book on the practical interfaith spirituality of the Quran, Remember Who You Are, will be released on July 10, 2017.


Preorder copies for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Click here to learn where you can pre-order the book.

The book will be delivered to your home right around July 10 or a few days earlier. If Amazon discounts the price between now and July 10, you will get the discounted price (under their pre-order price guarantee).

Share with family & friends & social media:

Use this link to post on Facebook, Twitter, and send via email to everyone in your circle of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Feel free to tag me.

A book for our current state of the world:

I have written this book for Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all people of faith. Some people would like to see us divided by our differences. Some people would like to see us forget who we are. But we are going to build bridges and stay united. We are going to Remember Who We Are. I offer this book as just one tool in your toolbelt to help with that effort.

Use this book to feed your spiritual life, to talk about these ideas with your family, to share this with your neighbors and co-workers, and to build bridges across faith communities.


Rahim is a writer and teacher working to bring out the wisdom of Islam and other religions to feed you on your own journey.





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