Gulshan and Pyarali Nanji: Sharing the wealth of their new life

Gulshan and Pyarali Nanji: Sharing the wealth of their new lifeWhen Gulshan and Pyarali Nanji fled persecution in Uganda in 1972, they and their four children were welcomed to Canada.

The couple pledged to one another that if they became financially able, they would give back to the country that had provided them with a safe refuge. The Nanjis have made good on their promise.

Respected and admired within and beyond their Ismaili community, the Nanji family’s legacy of philanthropy is remarkable. They have donated millions of dollars to causes that are close to their hearts. Sunnybrook is one of the fortunate recipients.

Mr. Nanji is president and CEO of Belle-Pak, one of Canada’s Top 50 Best Managed companies. He has also been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 25 Immigrants, was awarded Male Entrepreneur of the year by the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce and won the Positive Aging Award in 2015.

The Nanjis’ generosity is likely to touch the lives of many patients who visit Sunnybrook.

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  1. This illustrious couple have also made large donations to other hospitals and institutions: the entire acute fracture clinic and radiology facility at North York General Hospital, a number of hospitals in Montréal and other places in Canada we don’t even know about! Truly remarkable!


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