Will religious literacy help in a multicultural society?

Understanding other religions is fundamental to citizenship | aeon

Will religious literacy help in a multicultural society?Becoming literate is a predicate of a stable and peaceful multicultural society. Countries throughout the world are seeing the emergence of a poison-breathing hydra that has never been taught to understand anything other than itself. The inevitable result of this has been the scapegoating, racism, tribalism and isolationism that have marked our recent politics. Increasing religious literacy will not necessarily lead to more agreement – indeed, it might even steel our convictions. But it will lead to being able to ‘disagree better’ (the aim of the Scriptural Reasoning movement) by tampering cheap stereotypes and petty caricatures.
In educational theory, religious literacy could be considered a ‘threshold concept’ for 21st-century citizenship.

Click here to read this, very important article, at Aeon https://aeon.co/ideas/understanding-other-religions-is-fundamental-to-citizenship

Author Kenneth Primrose is head of religious, moral and philosophical studies at Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen, Scotland. He also runs The Examined Life.


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