Open House Lisboa profiles Ismaili Centre, Lisbon – July 2-3, 2016

In 2016, the Lisbon Open House takes place on the first weekend of July – opening the doors of the best areas of Lisbon, including the Centro Ismaili, Lisboa (Ismaili Centre, Lisbon). Lisbon Triennale & Open House Lisboa invite all to visit the best selection Lisbon architecture.

Open House Lisboa, Centro Ismaili, Lisboa (Ismaili Centre, Lisbon)

47th architectural edifice in the Open House Lisboa program guide profiles Centro Ismaili, Lisboa as:


O Centro Ismaili, em Lisboa, estabelece pela primeira vez na Europa Continental um local em que os espaços de reunião dos Muçulmanos Ismailis complementam as instalações de uma rede internacional de instituições de desenvolvimento social, cultural e económico que servem pessoas de todas as fés, contextos e origens. Construído em torno de uma série de pátios, os seus edifícios combinam salas multiusos e áreas abertas, destinadas a funções sociais e encontros de carácter cultural e formativo.

English Translation:

The Ismaili Centre in Lisbon, is the the first Centre established in Continental Europe. It is a place where the meeting spaces of the Ismaili Muslims complement facilities of an international network of social development institutions, cultural and economic – serving people of all faiths and backgrounds. Built around a series of courtyards, its buildings combine multipurpose rooms and open areas, aimed at social functions and cultural and formative character encounters.

Centro Ismaili, Lisboa program for Open House Lisboa

Saturday, July 2 at 18:30
Conversation with Portugal’s leading architect Alvaro Silva

The Ismaili Centre, Lisbon presents Alvaro Siza’s exhibition: Gateway to the Alhambra.

This event will be attended by Álvaro Siza who will have a conversation with the curator and architect Antonio Choupina on his project – a new visitor center in Alhambra, Spain.

Alvaro Siza’s exhibition: Gateway to the Alhambra is scheduled to debut on July 23rd, 2016 until to January 8th, 2017at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

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Open House Lisboa - Centro Ismaili Lisboa

Open House Lisboa, Centro Ismaili, Lisboa (Ismaili Centre, Lisbon)

Open House Lisboa, Centro Ismaili, Lisboa (Ismaili Centre, Lisbon)

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Translation, Research, Insight & Perspective by A. Maherali


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