Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne “steps forward” to support Toronto’s 2016 World Partnership Walk – Sunday, May 29th

Step Forward WPW 2016

WPW 2016-05-29

Research, Insight & Perspective by A. Maherali


One thought

  1. During last year’s event we are proud to say that it was well organized under supervision of our grand son
    AKBAR who works in Calgary& was financially supported by our elder brother Rai&Raibanoo Pyarali Nanji
    of Toronto who had donated millions of dollars on behalf of Nanji and Nathwani for Hospitals& good causes
    We all came from Uganda during Exodus and were scattered in U.K.,Canada &Australia . Although came
    without funds , but due to tactics of Pyaralibhai, who well settled us. Rajabali Gulamali Nanji Nathwani


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