Raiyaan’s World Partnership Walk Challenge: In honour of phenomenal philanthropist, Ed Bhanji

Raiyaan’s home is Canada, but the 10 year old boy is a global citizen who’s interests range far outside his own country.

For the last 2 years, Raiyaan has participated in the World Partnership Walk. He states it is a fundraiser for doing his bit to alleviate global poverty. This will be his 3rd year participating in the Walk. The programs he’s most interested in are health and education. He believes, “If there is health you can get education anywhere. If you can get an education you can change the cycle of poverty and not only change your history, but also have the opportunity to prepare the next generation for a better future.”

AKFC is still accepting donation for Raiyaan. Click here to donate at Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s secure page.

After his trip to Kenya where he witnessed so much poverty first hand, Raiyaan felt the need to do something. So it started with taking clothing and school items that his family could distribute in Kenya. Reminiscing his vacation to Kenya, Raiyaan reflects: “It was this one little boy who was selling homes he had made out of toilet paper rolls, who was not at school as he had to earn a living. And here I was on holiday; was able to go to school; never having to worry about working.”

Jessani FamilyIt was from that point on that Raiyaan knew he had to do something.

Inspired to make a difference, but not knowing how, he leaned on his mom for support. His mom had worked for Aga Khan Foundation in Ottawa in 1996. She resolved to involve Raiyaan for the fund raising initiatives.

Raiyaan tries to make every effort to raise awareness about the Walk. He enthusiastically make videos and shares them at his  school, amongst teachers, friends and family. This year Raiyaan matched the amount from his pocket money and had a larger donation. Raiyaan “loves to roller-blade the walk each year…”

Raiyaan’s Video

This video is in Honor of One Man, Ed Bhanji, a phenomenal Philanthropist….who made time for me, had trust and faith in me that I would continue….I miss his sheer pleasure and joy every time he saw my video and supported me. I will never forget what he said: “the work of the Imam does not cease no matter what day, time or night it is….So proud of you….you will always have my support”

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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