Sultan Jessa: Canada’s Official Opposition leader wishes Arusha Ismaili Reunion great success

Canada’s Official Opposition leader wishes Arusha Ismaili Reunion great success!By Sultan Jessa – December 17, 2015, OTTAWA: Canada’s leader of the Official Opposition has extended her “warmest greetings” to all planning to attend the Arusha Ismaili Reunion next year.

The three­day event, second since 2010, will be held in Calgary, Alberta, from July 29 to 31.

“Canada’s Official Opposition wishes you great success at the Arusha Reunion 2016,” said Opposition leader Rona Ambrose, who is also the interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. “It is my hope that this reunion gives you the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, create new lasting relationships, and cherish wonderful memories from the past.”

She added: “On behalf of all Canadians, welcome to Canada!”

About 400 people from around the world are expected to attend the reunion.

Canada’s Official Opposition leader wishes Arusha Ismaili Reunion great success!
Sadru P. Nanji, chair Arusha Reunion

Sadru Pyarali Nanji, chair of the reunion, said preparations are progressing full speed ahead for the memorable event.

The committee, he said, has already established an official Web site which is already attracting a lot of attention.

Events planned include a meet­and­greet, a gala banquet, a picnic and several other events.

Nanji said the committee is also looking at organizing trips to some of Alberta’s tourist attractions.

The first reunion was held in the Greater Toronto Area in 2010.

*Header image: Arusha’s landmark, the clocktower.

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