Jamatkhana, Kampala, Uganda

Jamatkhana, Kampala, Uganda

Source: AJK36 (Flickr)

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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    1. The JamatKhana was built and donated in 1936 in corner of Martini Road and Nakivibo Road by the family of Late COUNT HASSANALI NATHOO and Count HASSANA KASSAM LAKHA, The Tower was donated by Nathoo family and rear building by Kakha family..Till 1972 after the explusion of ASIAN. In 1972 Iddi Amin till 1985 the Jamat Khana was head office and main masjid run by Muslim Council of Uganda. !985 after the N.R.M. Goverment it was handed over back to Ismali community. MR Amiral Karmali (MUKWANO ) refurbrished Jamat Khana and Restored his GLORY AGAIN, Mr.AMIR MUKWANO and I (AMIR BUKOBA)we are like brothers from 1962 we are contected in one way.or other He and other truckers were friends of My brother ABDUL BUKOBA…. We were to gether in CONGO in late sixty sixty He was in BUTEMBO and we were in Bukavu. We were agent for Sucraf and SOSETURI (sugar +Soap).. Please if u need any informations What happened from 1950 till 2005 in UGANDA I can provide you…..

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