Designboom | Aga Khan Museum by Fumihiko Maki Showcases Muslim Heritage in Toronto

The Aga Khan Museum site (designed by Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki in collaboration with local firm Moriyama & Teshima) features a large park (designed by Lebanese landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic), which contains many pools and provides new green space for the city of Toronto.

The cultural building is complemented by the nearby Ismaili Centre, a stunning new prayer hall designed by Indian architect Charles Correa.


The Aga Khan states the intentions of the new cultural institution:

‘One of the lessons we have learned in recent years is that the world of islam and the western world need to work together much more effectively at building mutual understanding – especially as these cultures interact and intermingle more actively.

We hope that this museum will contribute to a better understanding of the peoples of Islam in all of their religious, ethnic, linguistic, and social diversity.’

a deep canopy cantilevers above the main entrance (left) photo © gary otte photography (right) photo © tom arban photography
A deep canopy cantilevers above the main entrance
(left) Photo © Gary Otte Photography
(right) Photo © Tom Arban Photography

Project Information:

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Completion Date: 2013
Building Type:Mmuseum, Auditorium
Structural System: Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Number of Floors: 1 Basement + 2 Stories
Site Area: 70,000 sqm
Building Area: 4,000 sqm
Total Floor Area: 11,600 sqm
Architect of Record: Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Structural Engineer: Halcrow Yolles
Mechanical / Electrical Engineer: The Mitchell Partnership / Crossey Engineering

the building’s program is arranged around a central enclosed courtyard (left) photo © tom arban photography (right) photo © gary otte photography
The building’s program is arranged around a central enclosed courtyard
(left) Photo © Tom Arban Photography
(right) Photo © Gary Otte Photography

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