Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology Connecting With Canada: Celebrating The Aga Khan Museum In Toronto

IMG_21361Excerpt: SMU senior Sana Hamirami says there are about 10,000 members of the Ismaili community in North Texas, across the different suburbs. Hamirami and her friends Afshal Akhani, a sophomore at SMU, and Shama Sadruddin, a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington, are Ismailis. They heard about the event from the organizers and volunteered to help to spread the word around North Texas colleges. “I think it’s huge — that it’s such a good opportunity for others to learn more about Islam, especially because we’re a minority of a minority,” says Akhani, who finds that the museum will let others and members of the Ismaili community learn more about the faith. “I feel museums are the best way to learn about any culture,” adds Sadruddin. “As a Muslim in America, you don’t get really get access to the beautiful religious art you might see in other parts of the world.”

Dr. Robert Hunt is the Director of Global Theological Education at SMU’s Perkins School of Theology. Of his involvement with the Ismaili community, he says, “They have been a very significant community for all of us in fostering inter-religious dialogue. Even though they are a small minority in Muslims, they play a very big role in bringing [different religions] together.”

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