Islamic Arts Magazine | Aga Khan Museum to Showcase the Cultural Contributions of Muslim Civilisations to World Heritage

One of the lessons we have learned in recent years is that the world of Islam and the Western world need to work together much more effectively at building mutual understanding – especially as these cultures interact and intermingle more actively. We hope that this museum will contribute to a better understanding of the peoples of Islam in all of their religious, ethnic, linguistic and social diversity.

– His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan,
Inauguration Address – Spirit & Life Exhibition: Masterpieces of Islamic Art from the Aga Khan Museum Collection,
The Ismaili Centre, London UK  July 12, 2007


From their earliest origins, Muslim civilisations have been characterised by a remarkable diversity of geographies, languages, and cultures. Toronto – and Canada more generally – is internationally recognised for embracing such diversity. The city therefore provides an ideal home for an institution that strives to promote mutual understanding, respect and tolerance among the world’s cultures.

Aga Khan Museum to Showcase the Cultural Contributions of Muslim Civilisations to World Heritage | Islamic Arts Magazine

The Aga Khan Museum has an international outlook. Home to a collection of astonishingly beautiful works of art, it will showcase the artistic creativity and achievements of Muslim civilisations from Spain to China. I think local and international visitors will be greatly surprised when they discover just how much the arts of Muslim civilisations are a part of our shared global cultural heritage.

– Henry Kim, Director and CEO, Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, dedicated to presenting an overview of the artistic, intellectual and scientific contributions that Muslim civilisations have made to world heritage, will open its doors to the public on the 18th of September.

The Museum’s Permanent Collection of over 1,000 objects includes masterpieces that reflect a broad range of artistic styles and materials. These portraits, textiles, miniatures, manuscripts, ceramics, tiles, medical texts, books and musical instruments represent more than ten centuries of human history and a geographic area stretching from the Iberian Peninsula to China.

Via Museum to Showcase the Cultural Contributions of Muslim Civilisations to World Heritage – Magazine | Islamic Arts Magazine – Click the link to view 14 additional images

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2 thoughts

  1. As Muslim and as Imaili followers we proud for ourselve that we are Ismaili and we have Present Imam in this world.
    امروز جهان اسلام باید به خود ببالد که بررگترین موزیم که نماد از داشته ها و فرهنگ اسلامی را در جهان غرب یعنی در کشور کانادا با سعی و تلاش امام دوست داشتنی ما حضرت شاکریم الحسینی حاضر امام به نمایش قرار داده میشود. و قابل تذکر است که در قرن 21یگانه دست آورد است که جهان اسلام در آن دست پیدا کرده است


  2. Heartiest congratulations and hats off to all who have contributed and worked hard to make this a reality. I am sure that future generations from all walks of life will be happy to learn about the rich cultural and historical heritage that are displayed in this museum.


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