Book on Imam Sultan Muhammed Shah – A Bridge Between Two Epochs selected for the International Design for All Foundation Awards

“Pluralistic values have been articulated since ancient times.

Profound expressions about our common humanity are embedded in the world’s great religious traditions, including my own. But now it is for us to re-articulate those traditions.

As we do so, our support for one another can be a source of renewed and growing strength.”

–  His Highness the Aga Khan, North-South Prize Ceremony, Senate Hall, Parliament, Lisbon, June 12, 2014


About International Design For All Foundation Good Practices Awards

Good_Practice AwardThe 6th edition of the International Design for All Foundation Good Practices Awards recognise achievements in the field of design for all, great and small, by governments, businesses, not-for-profit organisations and professionals from all over the world. In so doing, they aim to demonstrate that the implementation of design for all/universal design in any form contributes towards improving quality of life for everyone.

The Design for All Foundation collects and disseminates Universal Design/Design for All Good Practices and knowledge around the world; enhances the respect to human diversity and works for a world where everyone enjoys equal opportunities for personal development.

Via International Design For All Foundation Good Practices Awards

About the Book – A Bridge Between Two Epochs

137birthday_EPOCHS_POSThis publication attempts to focus on selected aspects of Hazrat Mawlana Sultan Muhammad Shah’s life and times in order to motivate the readers to reflect on the reasons for what happened during his long Imamat. The first two sections on his titles and decorations and a calendar of the main events in his life serve as a backdrop as well as an easy reference. He was the first Imam in Ismaili history to play such an outstanding role in international politics. Born in the east, he publicly acknowledges his beloved mother’s role in receiving a thorough education both of the east and the west. During his long life he travelled all over the globe. His impact on the political, social and educational aspects of his time is indelible. He was the most indefatigable champion of Islam in the west and also the most outspoken about the shortcomings of Muslims in the east.

Via A Bridge Between Two Epochs

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Ismailimail Special Feature:
137th birth anniversary of His Highness Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III

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