Retrospective: Noureen Reimoo | Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III: From Horse Carriages to Nuclear Physics – Seventy Years of Glorious Leadership

“You referred to my seventy years Imamat which, indeed is unique in the history of the 48 Ismaili Imams by its long duration, but also it began in another world, the world of horse carriages and candle lights, and today we are in the world of nuclear power, physics, jet air travel and serious discussion among the most learned as to how and when we can visit the stars and the moon.”

– His Highness Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III
Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Cairo, Egypt – February 20th, 1955


sir-sultan-mohammad-shah1Ahead of tomorrow’s 137th birth anniversary of our 48th beloved Imam – His Highness Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III, Ismailimail is excited to present the first of five readings today, in a series of 10 select articles paying tribute to the memory of our beloved Imam.

We introduce our first one by Noureen Reimoo, who wrote an outstanding article last year highlighting the Imam impact.

“… on the occasion of his birth anniversary, we pay tribute to the memory of this great Muslim leader for relating religion and science in an exceptional way in order to make Muslims a stronger and prosperous community.”

– Noureen Reimoo

By Noureen Reimoo for Ary Blogs – News & TV Published on November 2, 2013

His Highness Aga Khan III states that his Imamat began in another world and ended in a different world. This is indeed a very interesting point and it brings our attention to his outlook about science and its relation to Islam.

Sir Aga Khan was born in Karachi at ‘Honeymoon Lodge’ on 2nd November 1877. From the age of eight, for over seventy years, he played a leading part in public affairs for the Muslim community as well as for the whole Islamic brotherhood.

Aga Khan III, with his vast experience and outstanding personality of international standing, proved to be a responsible and productive mediator between the western world and the leaders of the subcontinent. It was in pursuit of his educational vision that he successfully dedicated himself to the project of transforming the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh into a leading Asian University.

The Aga Khan had championed the cause of Muslims of the world throughout his life. He was totally dedicated to Islam – in mind, body and soul. As a strong political personality and a religious leader, he stressed on science as an important aspect of human life.

Read more at  From Horse Carriages to Nuclear Physics – Seventy Years of Glorious Leadership

About Noureen Reimoo

Noureen Reimoo is a teacher educator and currently doing her Masters in Education from Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE). She likes to do research about science and Islam.

Ismailimail Special Feature:
137th birth anniversary of His Highness Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III

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