United Church minister David Mundy: The Antidote of the Aga Khan Museum

United Church minister David Mundy: The Antidote of the Aga Khan MuseumWe have watched with horror at ISIS or ISIL maraudes through Iraq and Syria, killing indiscriminately. This terrorist organization beheads many of its victims, a particularly barbaric form of execution, although in the end murder is murder. The members of ISIS, including radicalized young people from Western countries, does all this in the name of Allah.

So, as we know, this means all Muslims are violent terrorists. Muslims are thugs opposed to scientific discovery and artistic endeavour. Of course these are absurd, illogical conclusions, but unfortunately drawn by many. They dismiss every person who is a Muslim and every accomplishment of Islamic religion and culture.

I thought about the stereotypes as we walked through the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto last Saturday. I wrote about the museum before, and that the leader of the Ismaili sect of Islam, the Aga Khan, had chosen Toronto as the site for this impressive tribute to Islamic art because of the tolerant and diverse society in Canada and the city. But this was our first visit since it opened in September.

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About David Mundy

David is now in his 35th year as a United Church minister and has kept a journal for nearly 30 years. The Lion Lamb blog is more public but contains his personal musings and reflections on the world, through the lens of his Christian faith. Follow his other Creation Blog, Groundling (groundlingearthyheavenly.blogspot.ca) and Mini Me blog (aka Twitter) @lionlambstp

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