A Love Affair with Hunza

A Love Affair with HunzaI first arrived in Hunza some 12 years back and fell in love with it at first sight. The peaceful environs of Karimabad, the hospitable people, the magnificent Rakaposhi, the gushing streams flowing through terraced fields, star-studded nights and the shooting stars all together made me believe that if there is heaven on earth, it is indeed Hunza — just like the Shangri-la in Lost Horizon, the 1933 classic novel by James Hilton.

After that first visit, I would find myself in Hunza every other summer — and this love affair continues like one’s first love.

It was in 2002 that I entered Café de Hunza for the first time and had wholesome Hunza Muesli and cherry juice. The friendly owner Shafqat told me about the history of Hunza Muesli, which is a breakfast dish full of fresh fruits and yogurt. He considered it a traditional dish of Hunza and a reason for longevity of the life of Hunza people. He also told me that there is a similar muesli dish commonly used in Switzerland and Austria.

More Hunza again and again | TNS – The News on Sunday. via The News on Sunday Omar Mukhtar Khan – May 18, 2014:

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