Iqrā’ – ‘Read’ or ‘Remember’? Rethinking the First Revelation of the Qur’ān | Ismā‘īlī Gnosis

Iqrā’ – ‘Read’ or ‘Remember’? Rethinking the First Revelation of the Qur’ān « Ismā‘īlī GnosisAccording to traditional interpretations, the verse (iqra bi-smi rabbika) commands the Prophet Muhammad to read the verses of the Qur’ān. But there is another way of understanding these verses, based on early Muslim tradition and sources, which yields a different interpretation and in turn reveals the spiritual secrets of the prophetic mission. This post explores how the first revelation of the Holy Qur’an – Surah al- ‘Alaq – was actually instructing the Prophet Muhammad in the remembrance (dhikr) of God’s Name and how this act of divine remembrance (dhikr) facilitated the spiritual ascension of all the Prophets to the rank of Prophethood (nubuwwah) – including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Summary Table of Contents of the article:

1. Introduction
2. Iqra bi-smi Rabbika: Remember the Name of your Lord
3. The Ascension of the Prophets through the Names of God
4. Spiritual Initiation into Prophethood

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