Since 2006, Ismailimail has been sharing thousands of inter and intra-faith stories of achievements and excellence, from the community across the world, which promotes a balance between spiritual and material worlds.

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This blog and the editor of this blog is not associated with any of the Aga Khan Institutions. This blog does not represent, nor operate on behalf of Mawlana Hazar Imam [His Highness the Aga Khan], the Ismaili Tariqah [faith], the jamat [community], and any Ismaili institution. This blog is an individual effort to reverberate the good news, inter and intra-faith stories of achievements and humanitarian works across the globe.

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Philosophy behind Ismailimail (IM)

The symbol of IM uses ‘o’ or “vaav”. ‘O’ comes from the words like Muhammad or Ali in Calligraphy and shows the subject or the doer of an action and ‘vaav’ is ‘and’ which shows connection. It is to depict “I’m” I am. I am a proud Ismaili and that I am strong and confident in my faith and my community to be identified as an Ismaili Muslim.

The logo is exclusively designed by one of our readers, an architect by profession. The logo features Fatimid Imam-Caliph Nizar’s Gold Dinar depicting the major historical event. The English letter “I” and “M” portrays contemporary existence of Ismailis, having a personal impact in the world(s) – spiritual and material.

Click here to read The meaning behind the IM symbol


The Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, generally known as the Ismailis, belong to the Shia branch of Islam. The Shia form one of the two major branches of Islam, the Sunni being the other. The Ismailis live in over 25 different countries, mainly in Central and South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, as well as in Europe, North America and Australia.

Click here for the official website of the Ismaili Muslims: https://the.ismaili


His Highness the Aga Khan became Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims on July 11, 1957 at the age of 20, succeeding his grandfather, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan. He is the 49th hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims and a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through his cousin and son-in-law, Ali, the first Imam, and his wife Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter.

Click here for the official website of the Ismaili Imamat: https://ismaili.imamat

Social Conscience

His Highness the Aga Khan fulfills part of his hereditary responsibilities as Imam (spiritual leader) of the Ismaili Muslims through the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). AKDN is therefore a contemporary endeavor of the Ismaili Imamat to realize the social conscience of Islam through institutional action. The overall goal of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is the improvement of Quality of Life (QoL) in the areas where its member institutions work.

Click here to for the official website of the Aga Khan Development Network: www.akdn.org



405 thoughts

  1. A business that I patronize is closing for a day to observe the visit of the Prince. I didn’t know anything about him until I found your website. Thanks for the information.


  2. I must tell you I could not have put it any better than “X-tatic about IM” in post 197 above. This is a fast-moving site that waits for no one and I find this aspect of it exciting as well. As IM gets very close to its momentous and landmark one millionth visitor, other aspiring news website creators would be well-advised to study its simple yet profound design.

    As a regular contributor to and commentator on IM and its Spirit and Life Blog as well as creator of the now trademarked phrase “much-visited and wildly popular Ismaili Mail website”, I congratulate the creator of IM on setting up and maintaining a news site that reaches hundreds of thousands of people(maybe millions) from 6 continents on our terrestrial planet Earth.


  3. Congratulations, Ismaili Mail Blog, you will be reaching the million hits in a matter of hours. Its a wonderful achievement to have achieved this milestone in such a short span of time and especially more so, for attaining this mark during the GJ year!

    An excellent and truly professional effort by Ismaili Mail Blog of capturing and highlighting all the news about the Imamat, the work of the Imamat Institutions, and the Ismaili Muslim Community worldwide. Post 197 above describes it best.

    Congratulations once again, and best wishes for Ismail Mail Blog’s continued efforts!


  4. Congratulation ismailimail Blog for reaching this 10 lac hit..

    Please keep us serving like this to our ismailis brothers and sister.its a great Seva which you are providing us by spreading knowledge about ismailism


  5. Ya Ali madad.
    Dear brothers and sisters. Let me to congratulate all of you by this important occasion the”GOLDEN JUBILEE”.May Mowlana bless all of you and your families with Barakat
    Ya Allah
    Ya Muhamad
    Ya Ali
    Blessed be God
    Thangs for his highness, for everthink that his highness done for us.
    Best regards. Tojigul from khorog.


  6. I must say, once again, that your coverage of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s visit to the USA is shaping up to be as good as if not better than your coverage of the Dubai visit. Good going!


  7. ya ali mada to all ismilis
    iam very happy that all ismilis live to gather
    i very happy that iam a ismilis i have present imam


  8. Ismailimail’s vision has given every Ismaili living in any corner of the world to say Ya Ali Madad or greet another Ismaili. Contributions and comments need not necessarily be extensive or indepth. Everyone has a voice here.

    May your web site reach the millions who are still not aware about it.


  9. ya ali madad to all my ismaili jamat and my brother i wishes to all that molabapa will come and u all r enjoy u r days well ok and ya ali madad once more.


  10. It’s refreshing to find a Moslem website that appears to be friendly towards the Jewish people, be they in Israel or elsewhere. I’ve bookmarked it…


  11. Assalaamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    This is… my first time … to open this blog..
    I am impressed.. You already did… did the right thing…
    I hope… you can walk and walk in this “right way”… forever and ever

    Waalaikumsalam warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh


  12. Ismaili mail is a truly professionally operated service. Very informative and covers a complete range of news about the community and the Imamat. Congratulations. Our prayers are with you.



  13. Dear Ismailis,
    I am Sumit Dasgupta,an Indian Christian,and I love your blogs.Please do also sign me up in your membership list.U Ismailis I love the most.Please also send me later some of your free resources.
    Thank u,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Sumit Dasgupta.


  14. Dear IM,
    You are top class. I am surprised that I am as yet not on your membership list. Please do sign me up as a regular member of the group. Thanks.


  15. Ya Ali madad!!!
    May God bless you with success & happiness of life before the Golden Jubilee, during the Golden Jubilee and after the Golden Jubilee also,…

    Sultonmamad from TJK-Badakhshan

    Be With Mowla!!!


  16. Dear All,


    Great work, this is fabulous site and excellent work.i want a ismaili friend ship
    my name alam

    May HI helps you in your work..


  17. YAM to all my spiritual brothers and sister worldwide,

    I would like to thank the person made this site of Ismaili, really he made a great initiative for communication of all Ismailis living throughout the world, yea it is appreciable for his nice endeavor, again many thanks,

    This blog could bring us together from all over the world,

    Many thanks from Tayeb Jan brother and his nice feeling regarding his Afghan spiritual brothers and sisters, I think once I met you in Pul-e-Khumri, you’re with the Education Dept, of the Aga Khan Foundation for Afghanistan.

    Any spiritual brother and sister could mail me at shamsuddin_mohammadi@hotmail.com

    Thanks a million,

    Shamsuddin Mohammadi


  18. YAM to all readers. The person who made this site really made great initiative I would like to appreciate his/ her attempts. well done!

    Just keep it up.

    Niamatullah, Kabul University Student


  19. Ya Ali madad ,
    lots of thanks and esteem for ismailimail ,
    now i’m more acquainted with what happening with ismailis around the world and what news about our beloved Imam .i’m trying to share this site with ismailis here.
    may mowla bless and help you with this work ,
    mubarak for all jamaat around the world these good news in this great and blessed year .mubarak for ismailimail with this great work
    salaam to all


  20. Ya Ali Madad
    we are from Sallamea-SYRIA
    I and my wife are glad for the website
    we wish Barakat hader imam for all


  21. Ya Ali Madaad.

    I am becoming an Ismaili here in the Philippines and I appreciate this site because it gives me guidance on the way of life of an Ismaili. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

    Ya Ali Madaad.


  22. YAM to all,

    I feel that we are very lucky that we have present Imam and we are under his umbrella guidance.

    Dear Murgie,

    I am from Afghanistan and I am an Ismailia. It is possible to contact with me as spiritual brother. I will be very glad to be in touch with you. The bellow is my contact.


    Thanks a lot,



  23. Hi to all,
    Ya Ali Madad
    congrats! who ever manage this site. really this site is too much informative and great. Hay man keep it up.

    In this work if you want to some help then i am ever ready,i m belong with software developer ,Website developer


    Sameer Morani


  24. Congratulations, one and all..the participants, the winners, the organizers and most of all our ever hard working volunteers and the host city…while we were not at the host city to watch the event unfold , we have been reading the progress and this event gave us yet one more reason to say how proud we are to be Ismailis.
    Job weldone!!! Fantastic web site too!! Very profetional..Truly proud!!


  25. Fascinating website. Thanks to the founders of this website and GOD will bless them in their life. GOLDEN JUBILEE MUBARAK to all Ismailies around the world. May Mowla bless and help you with your future work.
    Munavvari Wakhoni
    My email adress is: lee_80@rambler.ru


  26. Ya Ali Madad

    My first vizit to the website and really i am very happy to send this message to you, it’s very very wonderful site.




  27. I wish to say Happy Imamat Day on 11 July, 2008 to all the Ismaili mulims of the World. Mula bestow all the happiness, successful life, prosperous life to you and your families.



  28. Dear All

    Its been a pleaseue to see a good site. Ans i beleive you people can help me. In the coming month of Ramadan i wants to go to K 2 for practice and next time for the proper expedecture.

    so please provide me the proper instution which can help me. Either from within the community of any from Ministry. Waiting for an early reply.
    My email address is imran_maknojiya@yahooo.com

    Thnaks and Regards
    Yaa Ali Madad
    Imran Ali


  29. Approaching 1.5 million hits in less than 20 months of operation; that’s a good round figure to have under your belt as we anticipate, perhaps, the Canadian Darbar of Mawlana Hazar Imam in the second half of 2008.


  30. Well what do ya’ know – Ismailimail is now approaching 1.5M visitors, and it looks like it will happen just as the Syria visit of our Imam concludes. Mubarakh to Ismailimail for continuing to bring us news about the community and the work of the Imam.


  31. Thank you friends, supporters, well wishers and everyone for your continued support for Ismailimail blog.

    You have all made this website as one of the most popular and fast-moving blog on the web, approaching 1.5 million page views in less than 2 years. This speaks volume of the love you have shown. The team behind Ismailimail can only be humble.

    You come here daily from far and remote places of the world to show your love for the contents, and in return, we take our daily tasks with great responsibility and care.

    So far, we have made 2800 plus posts but you have equally shared your views and comments on each and every interesting news and stories making it a true representative of shared space.

    Your contribution in sharing stories from all over the world plus your continued support in coming together as one virtual-community has made all the difference.

    We hope to see more participation and feedback from all of you in the future, and working together, we will take this blog to next heights.

    Thank you.


  32. We have full confidence in you taking this blog to even greater heights.

    Your accomplishments are monumental and although there are great web sites out there, some of the thousands who visit you daily probably have ismailimail as their home page.

    It is my hope that your friends who visit you daily will pass your link to thousands more who are still not aware that you exist. You can bet that within a year you will reach the 3 million mark, and that you will grow exponentially faster every year as more and more Jamati members have easier access to the internet.

    All the contributors to this web site should appreciate and be proud of the fact that they have a place to express their opinion or simply say “Ya Ali Madad”, so simple yet profoundly touching.

    From the bottom of my heart I say “Thank you ismailimail”.


  33. Well, ISMAILI MAIL, you have finally reached the 1.5 million hit landmark and to me this underscores what a global powerhouse of information, knowledge and wisdom that this much-visited and wildly popular ISMAILI MAIL website has become. ISMAILI MAIL is also the mother ship which has graciously accepted my blog on the link between science and religion in Islam as one of its satellite baby blogs. For this I am deeply grateful. It has given my blog a remarkable intensity of exposure to the worldwide blogosphere that it would not have if it was a stand-alone blog.


  34. Dear Nash, thank you for your kind words.

    We continually support all aspiring, related and independent blogs/websites. The number one criteria is the individuality and intellectual level of the contents and scope. Your blog is one of our favorite, along with others as we have highlighted here. The list is open for others as well. We are here to encourage many more bloggers to come.



  35. Great work being done by you guys. I am a frequent visitor of this blog and will try my level best to be a regular visitor as well as contributor. I am glad that you always cover latest news from Pamir Times where I controbute often.

    My best wishes and prayers are with you.
    Sultan Ahmed


  36. Ya Ali Madad!
    I’m very happy to found your site & you in America. I’m ismaili from Badakhshan of Tajikistan. I’m in America by studying & I had look for a long time for our ismailis. I was a volunteer of AKF (Aga-Khan Foundation) in Moskow of Russia & than in Badakhshan, & if it will be possible, I would like to continue my actions here. It’s great proud for me to be volunteer of our Jamat. I would like to meet our ismailis as fast as it possible & let me know about you and our ismailis, please. Because, I’m feeling myself very lone & sad in this big country. I’m waiting for your reply. Thank you!


  37. I am also a Ismaili in the US in Maine. I would love to see you Nargis jan.What is cool is that I am Afghan too. I am from Bamian Sheebar if you have heard the name.
    my email address is sikandarahmadi1@yahoo.com
    I am studying in a US high school in Bethel Maine in Gould Academy.
    I like to see or talk or email to you.


  38. Ya Ali madad,
    congrats ISMAILIMAIL for the progress you are doing,and congrats to all ismailis .It makes us so proud to hear about this progress and give us the cooperation sense . I believe that it is a great website and it will make more progress in short time as ismailis hear about it and as the internet reach more ismailis .
    I want to tell you that Hazar Imam’s visit to Syria gave us great happiness and optimism as Syrian jamaat ,and enabled us to meet ismailis from all around the world ,they were all very kind . we were feeling the brotherhood between us every moment .we are grateful and thankful to our beloved Imam for giving us that visit and we are looking forward hopefully for the next visit . and we wish Shah Didar to all jamaat .
    your sister from Syria ,Massyaf


  39. ya ali madad
    I am eyad from masyaf in Syria.
    the first I am very happy to found this site and saw my brothers and sisters here
    the second I want to recognize on ismailism brothers and sisters from any country in the world
    I well be very excited to recognize you
    my email address is: masyaf_7@yahoo.com


  40. ya ali madad
    and golden jubilee mubarak
    this is the first time i am writing
    i am very proud to be an ismaili and very happy to see this site.
    world has definately become a global village and communication has become so fast and it should help in building relationship stronger.
    best wishes to all
    i wish my friends would contact me lylaji@hotmail.com
    karachi pakistan






    MY EMAIL ADD: kalaam_ri@hotmail.com


  42. Ya ali madad. I am a student and am travelling to Malaysia and Thailand. Please can I have a contact name and telephone number of any Ismaili brother or sister. I want to help in teaching English to women and children.

    I am new to these places, hence would greatly thankful to anyone who will help me.

    With ya ali madad.


    1. Yam,
      Is your solved or not yet?Inshahallah,God will help you in Solving all ur problems.God bless you and your family,ameen.Me Ali here from Pakistan.


  43. I would like to thank the person who made this site, persist your work on, I would like to have freinds from any country, my contact is as below.


    من میخواهم ابراز تشکر کنم از فرد که این سایت زا ساخته است، وفعالیت های تان را ادامه بدهید.آرزو دارم دوستانی داشته باشم از کشوری .و ایمیلم قرار ذیل است




  44. Eid Mubarak to all dear readers of the blog.

    Eid ul-Fitr – (Arabic)عيد الفطر, marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month in which the Noble Quran was revealed. It is an occasion of peace, happiness, joy and festivity.


  45. Ya ALi Madad I am Ismaili From Pakistan His highness Aga khan Doing Well work for us and i am happy from this site For this history


  46. YAM!!!!!1

    Ismailimail is much much better than other unofficial sites. Well

    Congratulation for your sucess.

    I am Searching Some Ismali Brother Or Sister Who Belong Medical , Kindly , Comes Together For Helping Some Jamti Memebers With Me.


  47. Ya ALi Madad
    I am Ismaili From Syria
    My name is abd allah
    I am 19 years old
    Thank you for this website
    I send my best wishes to my dear brothers and sisters

    Abd allah


  48. Yam,
    May His Almighty guides you and protects you all thae way.
    Bros and Sists in all over the world,especially in Tajiksatn and Afghanistan,
    I was happy when i heared the anouncment about His generouse and blesses Will to visit you.
    I think you deserve it becuase you need it.
    As an Ismaili from Salamieh(the capital of Ismailism),I waish every one exerience what i had in the last Mubarak Didar.
    And to all who are unable to go to Didar’s site in Badakhashan
    i would say:His Existence is like rain…it falls on every one’s head…
    May His Noor comes on you soon.
    Mawlana Shah Karim is the Light of The world….
    Take Care.


  49. Dear Readers,

    Ismaili Mail blog completed its 2 years journey on Oct 12, 2008. So far we have made 3,372 blog posts and you have made 3,550 comments. The total page views stands 1,649,999 as of right now.

    With your well wishes and prayers, the journey continues.



  50. Mubarak Ismaili Mail…
    I hope Mawlana keep guiding you to the best.
    You proved to have commitment…
    I really appriciate your high sense of responsibility.This appeared clearly.
    All the Best for the wonderful staff.
    I am proud that I am on old friend of this site..
    I will always be.


  51. yaali madad to every one.
    very good web side we get great information.
    thanks to web bulder. and i have request to every ismaili to
    be kind to others. in any field . thanks by by everyone.



    I will be visiting golden jubilee darbar with imam permission to
    Canada, Singapore, Pakistan, and so..
    I always pray for all



    Thank you for this great website, keep it up.

    من میخواهم ابراز تشکر کنم از فرد که این سایت زا ساخته است، وفعالیت های تان را ادامه بدهید.آرزو دارم دوستانی داشته باشم از کشوری .و ایمیلم قرار ذیل است



  53. YAM,

    I would like to say that this is a very good website. It is like a give and gain website, you can gain knowledge and submit some things you would like to share. It is a good way for all ismailis from all over the world to get an oppertunity to find out what is going on in our community and the oppertunities and changes Hazarimam has made or is making. Thank you very much for creating this website.


  54. Salam and YAM,

    I would like to congratulate very deeply Mowlana Hazir Imam’s Golden Jubilee Didar to all dear Tajikistan Ismailis and hoping that every Ismaili could meet the Imam of the time there in Tajikistan.


    با عرض سلام و یا علی مدد،
    میخواهم دیدار مبارک مولانا حاضرامام یعنی چهل نهمین پیشوای اسماعیلیان جهان راکه به پیشواز جشن زرین میباشد به جماعت عزیز تاجیکستان از ته دل برایشان تبریک عرض نماییم. امیدوارم تمام جماعت تاجیکستان دیدار مبارک نصیب شان شده باشد.آرزو دارم که امام زمان نیز به کشور جنگ زده و آفت دیده ما افغانستان نیز تشریف فرما شوند و مریدان اش همچنان از دیدار پر نور ایشان نصیب شوند.
    یک بار دیگر از صمیم قلب دیدار پرنور مولای زمان را به تمام خواهران و برادران روحانی ام در سراسر جهان و مخصوصاَ تاجیکستان مبارک باد میگویم.

    یا علی مدد

    شمس الدین


  55. dear Yaa Ali Madad,
    I encourage you for developing such internet sites. And please May you continue the good work.beacause this is only one of the best site to give more such information about ismaili community.

    best regrd
    behram hunzai


  56. hi my dear ismailis good job keep it up and thanks to all those friends those have works hard in creation of a such a good web site al tough i am not belongs to ismailis but i got alot of knowladge from this web site


  57. Ya Ali madad to all,

    Thanks for this wonder service and also to intact giobal jamat across the world. Could anyone tells me about Hazir Imam’s Book “Where Hope takes Roots”. Is it publish and accessible to Jamat worldwide. Thanks.

    Kind Regards and Ya Ali Madad.


  58. salam for every one frist of all i want to thank this web side andthen i want to wish GOLDEN JUBLEE for my mom ,dad ,friends , family and all the ISMAILES of the world . we celebrate GOLDE JUBLEE in Rawlpindi JAMATKHANA in Pakistan we really enjay me and my friends . YA ALI MADAD with best wishes . i love u AGA KHAN


  59. Keep it up..but hamesha yehi khyal rakhna hy k humain Ahlabait ka haami rehna hy un k uswa p chalna hy un k paigham ko aam kerna hy and this is y we all are send to world in such a nice catogary of muslims…


  60. Ya alli madad,
    this year of His Highness’s Golden Jubilee was certainly full of happieness and joy for all the ismaili’s members of jamaat in every part of the globe…Here in Syria:the more His Highness gets closer to us (phyiscally at least) the more we develope…
    Shoakor Hazer Imam for Everything…


  61. Ya Ali Madad,
    Let me to offer my best and warmest congratulation to all of you regarding EID Qurban and wish you have very happy days during this auspicious occasion with all your family members and friends.



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