Dr. Zainub Verjee (@zainubverjee) appointed as a fellow of McLaughlin College at York University

Dr. Zainub Verjee, Executive Director of Galeries Ontario/Galleries Ontario has been appointed as a Fellow of McLaughlin College at York University. Established in 1968, McLaughlin College is York University’s Public Policy College. It is dedicated to the critical analysis of public policy and the betterment of society at all its levels. 

Acknowledging Zainub’s accomplishments, Dr. James C. Simeon, Head of McLaughlin College, in his letter of appointment said, “it is our great honor and privilege for you to be a Fellow of McLaughlin College.” 

Recently, Zainub Verjee has also received her honorary doctorate at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) University, Canada.

A firm believer in Art as public good, she has contributed to international instruments of culture such as Status of the Artist and Cultural Diversity. She has dedicated her life to developing Canada’s contemporary culture through legislation, policy and institutions. Zainub has held positions at the Canada Council for the Arts, Department of Canadian Heritage, City of Mississauga, and Western Front. 

As McLaughlin College Fellow, Zainub delivered a public policy lecture on “Massey Report at 70: Current Impasses and Prospects of Canadian Cultural Policy”. The event was moderated by the Principal of the College Prof James C. Simeon.

Massey Report at 70: Current Impasses and Prospects of Canada| Presented by: Zainub Verjee Moderator: James C. Simeon

Among many appointments to boards, she is proud of her work at the B.C. Arts Board, which led to the formation of the British Columbia Arts Council. Her public service also includes her role as a Vancouver Moderator of the Spicer Commission – The Citizen’s Forum on Canada’s Future. 

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