Pakistan: Transforming Lives | @TheIsmaili

Transforming Lives is a film about Immit and Yarkhun Lasht, two remotest valleys in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. The film reveals the challenges inhabitants of these communities face and the efforts of Imamat Institutions that strive to improve the Quality of Life through the Socio-Economic Development Programme (SEDP). SEDP is an initiative of the Ismaili Council for Pakistan that aims to uplift marginalised communities by addressing issues around food and nutrition, health, education, youth development, income, and habitat.

Source: The Ismaili TV

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Author: Sujjawal Ahmad

Sujjawal is an invited blog author from Pakistan. He finds it extremely exciting to develop a deep love of cultures around the world. The stories that are about humanity, and emotion, that compel us as individuals, and connect our hearts and minds are the kinds of stories Sujjawal has always gravitated to, and the kinds he tells. He can be reached at:

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