Mustafa (ﷺ) “One whose name itself compels exaltation…the embodiment of the light of Allah”

“Muhammad’s is one of those rare lives that is more dramatic in reality than in legend. In fact the less one invokes the miraculous, the more extraordinary his life becomes. What emerges is something grander precisely because it is human, to the extent that his actual life reveals itself worthy of the word ‘legendary’.” ― Lesley Hazleton, The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad

Drawing inspiration from Lesley Hazleton’s books, in this latest release by Maqam Station, Nadia Rahim and Farhan Shah have written beautiful words in the praise of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (ﷺ) “One whose name itself compels exaltation…the embodiment of the light of Allah”. Nadia has also done poetic translation in English.

Mustafa (ﷺ) features voice of Kashif Din as a featured artist. Kashif hails from Hunza, Pakistan. Kashif Din shot to fame when he got the opportunity to perform for Coke Studio back in 2019.

This latest production also features Afghan born Canadian Ismaili visual artist Walid Ehssan. Walid is someone whom we have promoted for many years now. Click here to read his previous posts on our website.

Choral Arrangements have been done by: Nureen Sumar (Choral Director/ Voice), with her Choral team, ISHQ (Expressions of Love): Aleeza Ladhani, Anar Hussainaly, Faizal Jiwa, Hanif Shariff, Iqbal Noormohamed, Salima Ladhani, Shazya Ladak, Zulfikar Nathoo.

Composition and Production is done by: Farhan ShahShahid Rehman @Udankhatola

Video source: (YouTube)

Recording Engineers (Calgary) : Grant Howarth @ Audiohouse.CA & Shea Michael

Audio Mix-Master: Shahid Rehman @Udankhatola Studios Karachi

Video Director : Ali Raza Padaniya @Unikrew Production

Camera : Umair Bhojani @Unikrew Production, Aaron Schuppan (Adelaide) Pardeep Sooch (Calgary)

Post Production : Umair Bhojani @Unikrew Production

Executive Producer: Irfan S. Ali

Presented By: Farhan Shah and

Maqam Station” is a separate and independently run music initiative by, spearheaded by award-winning composer / singer Farhan Shah and Executive Producer Irfan S. Ali.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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