Dr. Karim Gillani & Ensemble: Sahebji Tu(n), Venti Ginan (Unplugged) #Salgirah2020

As we embark on our beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam’s 84th Salgirah celebrations, a team of talented musicians and singers have come together to humbly offer our musical Nazrana Venti Ginan Sahebji, written by Sayyed Muhammad Shah.

Thank you Mawla for being a beacon of hope, the light of wisdom, guidance and inspiration for us all.

The ginan Sahebji Tu(n) evokes a powerful feeling of utmost devotion. At a time when the world is in strife, the venti ginan reminds us of the countless blessing our beloved Hazar Imam has bestowed upon us all. Please kindly share with your friends and family. Dr. Karim Gillani (lead vocalist)

Video Source: Karim Gillani (YouTube)

Sahebji Tu(n): Venti Ginan

Poetry/Kalam: Sayyed Mohammad Shah (15th/16th CE)

Lead Singer Dr. Karim Gillani

Composition Traditional

Video Direction and Story: Shazia & Raafi Gillani

Music Arrangement, Edited & Produced: Karim Gillani

Graphic Consultant: Shehzad S. Hussaini (ASH Designers & Photographers, CA)

Accomplished Musicians:

Flute: Jessica Rogers

Classical Piano: Dr. Michael Macdonald

Special thanks: Altaz Ibrahim (Calgary)

Talented Team of Chorus Singers:

Amina Malik: Toronto, Canada

Hassan Chhatriwala: Edmonton, Canada

Malek Gillani: Dallas, USA

Naz Jiwa: London, UK

Nizar N. Punjani: Edmonton, Canada

Rehana Saleem: Florida, USA

Tania Budhwani: Edmonton, Canada

Zamina Lalji: Vancouver, Canada

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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