Mazhar-e-Khuda: The Light of God, New Song feat. 22 Talented Ismaili Artists from Around the World #ImamatDay2020

We are thrilled, humbled and excited to release our new track “Mazhar-e-Khuda: The Light of God” featuring 22 talented Ismaili artists from around the world who have contributed towards this soulful track. This is our humble attempt to highlight our unique Ismaili devotional traditions from various parts of the world to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the ascension of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV to the Throne of the Imamat.

On behalf of the whole team, our families, we wish the global Jamat Imamat day mubarak!  Aly Sunderji, Bashir Somani, and Dr. Karim Gillani- Project Leads.

Project Leads: Aly Sunderji, Bashir Somani, Dr. Karim Gillani

Music Production & Arrangement: Altaz Ibrahim, Tamiz Ibrahim

Technical Advisors: Kashif Feroz, Munir Gillani, Sheryar Nizar


Altaz Ibrahim (Canada) Harmonium & Keyboard

Anis Chandani (USA) – Bansuri

Barkat Ali (Canada) – Rubab

Kashif Feroz (Pakistan) – Bass Guitar

Mohamed Assani (Canada) – Sitar

Shahnawaz Meghani (USA) – Tabla

Tamiz Ibrahim (Canada) – Daf & Percussion

Tammam Ali Khadouj (UAE) – Oud

Vocalists Aly Sunderji (Canada)

Barkat Ali (Canada)

Bashir Somani (Canada)

Dr. Karim Gillani (Canada)

Fatima Manji (Tanzania)

Kashif Din (Pakistan)

Medina Sajan (Canada)

Munir Gillani (Oman)

Noor Al Kasir (UAE)

Qamar Al Kasir (UAE)

Rohullah Hussainzada (Canada)

Rukhsana Karmali (Uganda)

Sheryar Nizar (Canada)

Tala Zaino (Syria)

Zahir Mawani (Tanzania)

Video Production & Editing: Third Eye Productions

Mixing & Mastering: ATI Music Productions (Canada)

Special Thanks: Alwaez Alijah Dr. Salim Mawani, Mukhi Ayom Bek, his wife Zympat, and sons Oshar, Zoher and Hassan

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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