Maintaining a healthy immune system through diet and lifestyle~ @ShireenKassam1

By Shireen Kassam via

We are facing an unprecedented health crisis with COVID-19 now classified as a pandemic. I am unable to offer any guarantees and don’t mean to appear trite in writing this article. My aim is to offer some common sense, evidence-based advice on maintaining a healthy immune system.

The reason why older adults and those with chronic illness are at higher risk from respiratory viruses is because of the effects of chronic inflammation and the consequent reduced functioning of the immune system. We already know that diet and lifestyle choices can have an anti-inflammatory effect and boost immunity, thus promoting healthy aging and lowering the risk of chronic disease. The data on the effect of diet and lifestyle on preventing acute infections is less robust, but several lines of evidence suggest there may be a benefit.

Click the link below to read the list of Shireen’s top diet and lifestyle tips based on the scientific evidence.


Shireen Kassam, MBBS, FRCPATH, PHD (Founder and Director Plant-based health profileProfessional, UK) is a Consultant Haematologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College Hospital, London with a specialist interest in the treatment of patients with lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system). She is also passionate about promoting plant-based nutrition for the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases and for maintaining optimal health after treatment for cancer.

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