Gulzar’s Story: The Nairobi Years| Shelina Shariff-Zia

The next day, I had to bide my time. We came back from swimming and had lunch. Then Mumshelina shariff 1_Page_27 (2) sat down on her recliner while we drank tea. Mum continued her story about her early life in Kenya.
“After the wedding, I moved into Ma’s house. None of the Shariff ladies had ever had a job, but I wanted to work. I had applied to teach at Aga Khan High School and they gave me the job of the Domestic Science teacher. So I went to see Madat Kaka. He was the head of the Education Committee. They were pushing Ismaili girls to go into the teaching and nursing fields, so he couldn’t really say no. But he was very happy that I had got a job in our own Aga Khan School and he said okay.
I talked to Ma and she said, ‘I don’t need your help with the house. Just give me one hundred shillings from your salary every month.’ So I did. I was happy to. I used to take the bus to Agakhan High School very morning. I came back in the evenings. Firoz, Farida, Naushad, Nasru, all the boys and girls of our family were studying there. A special bus used to pick us up.”

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