Illuminated Tours: Educational Tour to Morocco @ostadjaan

So what do you get by coming by on an “Illuminated Tours” to Morocco instead of going on your own?
The buildings are still just as beautiful, and the people are just as kind. But you get more out of the experience when you are part of an experience to discuss the inner meanings of the religions and historical context of Morocco, led by someone with 20 years of study connected to these wondrous places.

In Morocco:  
You’ll learn about the spiritual teachings of the seven “friends of God”, and how there is a profound connection to the spiritual legacy of the Prophet there.  We will have in depth discussions about the role of religion in private and public realms, the magic of calligraphy and traditional arts, and the impact of colonialism.   

I had been on a short trip to Morocco earlier but the trip with Illuminated Tours was truly an in-depth experience that I shall remember for a long time to come. So many positives – firstly you will get to experience the cities of Marrakech and Fez in a much deeper way in terms of its history, culture and spiritual practices. Secondly our group leaders Omid and Courtney had prepared such an engaging itinerary – each day would be a feast for the senses and filled with insights along the way, concluding with an eloquent talk leading into time for reflection and contemplation. The group itself was so diverse it was wonderful to connect with each other. The overarching themes of the trip were the uplifting thoughts of great Sufi masters on love, tenderness and kindness and the commonality of these virtues across the main religions of the world. In the end the group had developed such a great feeling of friendship and community with members inspiring each other to activism and to becoming bridge builders when they return back home.
-Azhar Abedi (2018, Morocco)

Dates for Morocco Illuminated Tours are March 13-22nd, 2020.

This program is designed for people who want to have an intimate, insider’s look at the rich legacy of Muslim societies in terms of arts, religion, history, and spirituality.   


The program is designed by Professor Omid Safi, who has taken hundreds of people in the last two decades as part of his educational tours. The Morocco program will be led by Morocco-based experts Courtney Erwin and Adnane Raiss.

Learn all the details about this amazing tour at the source:

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