Faisal Bhanji Memorial Cup – Volleyball Tournament 2019

Traditional volleyball is a unique game which has been around for centuries and played all over the world. It is a one-touch game however; traditional volleyball does not require the bump-set-spike scenario as international volleyball. Instead, it is based on a consistent 2-hand-overhead striking of the ball.


The Faisal Bhanji Memorial Cup is a Traditional Volleyball tournament dedicated to remembering of one of the world’s greatest players who is no longer with us, Faisal Bhanji.

The Faisal Bhanji Memorial Cup will be hosted by Toronto North Volleyball Club on August 3rd and 4th, 2019 at The Markham Pan Am Centre (16 Main Street Unionville, Markham, ON, Canada)

More about Faisal Bhanji

Born May 22, 1986 in Toronto, Canada, Faisal began playing traditional volleyball at age 6 following his father’s (Salim Bhanji) footsteps.

Faisal won over 50 championships including the Golden Jubilee Games in Nairobi in 2008 and the Unity Games in Dar Es Salaam in 2009. His final victory was the Canadian Ismaili Games in Calgary in August 2015. From the time Faisal learnt to walk, he was chasing volleyball.  A person who never knew the word defeat – Faisal may have been down by 5 or even 13 points with time not in his favor, he always found a way to win the game.

Faisal Bhanji Memorial Cup

Faisal’s biggest asset was how he influenced everyone around him. During the games you would never see Faisal lose his composure. He was always confident and made everyone around him feel like a winner. In November 2015, at the age of 29, Faisal lost his battle with cancer. He was a caring, loving and a respectful son, brother, player and friend. He truly was an Angel gone too soon and will be forever missed.



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