Prince Hussain Aga Khan: The Living Sea-Photos Exhibition at National Museum of Natural History and Science, Lisbon

“In my photographs, I let the animals and the trees speak for themselves in the hope that other people will see the beauty I see.”  Hussain Aga Khan

From September 27 to December 29, 2019 at National Museum of Natural History and Science

June 8, the World Oceans Day proclaimed by the United Nations (UN), which aims to alert the importance of the oceans, is celebrated. The National Museum of Natural History and Science of the University of Lisbon (MUHNAC-University of Lisbon) could not be left out and prepared a special program that will begin in September with the inauguration of the exhibition The Sea Live , composed by fantastic underwater photographs authored by Hussain Aga Khan.


The exhibition The Living Sea starts from the extraordinary photographs of Hussain Aga Khan to sensitize us to the sublime beauty, complexity and fragility of ocean life. The exhibition, which takes place in two rooms of the Museum, is complemented by multiple educational and scientific activities aimed at various audiences in order to stimulate a broad debate on scientific, environmental and social issues of global contemporary impact, such as the role of the oceans in sustainability of life on Earth, the climate crisis, the conservation of nature and the extinction of species, among others. 
Special activities for school groups and families. 

Prince Hussain Aga Khan created Focused on Nature in 2014 to “share his passion and personal mission of nature conservation as well as the urgent need to promote research and constructive initiatives on global issues of negative impact on the environment.” 

Click the link below to learn more about this great initiative by Prince Hussain Aga khan:


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