Egypt: Ministry of Tourism support Al-Moez Street with renovations

CAIRO – 2 April 2019: The Ministry of Antiquities announced that it has accepted the monetarily support presented by the Ministry of Tourism, estimated at LE 13 million, to carry out the cleaning work of Al-Moez Street and its monuments.

Al-Moez St. is one of the oldest streets in the world, spanning back to more than a thousand years, and was built during the Fatimid state of Egypt. The ancient street is considered the most crowded street in Cairo; hosting great Islamic monuments, and is also considered the largest street in Fatimid Cairo.


El Moez Street, Cairo, Egypt – Walking through one of the long old streets that belong to the Fatimid Islamic era and which is a well for a lot of old Islamic mosques as well as different Islamic buildings. El Moez street history is long because even though it mostly belongs to the Fatimid era, it still carries several buildings that are related to other different Islamic eras and periods as well. Some of the historical buildings found in El Moez street are related to Amr Ibn El As, Tulunid period, Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamluk, Ottomon, and Mohamed Ali eras. El Moez street شارع المعز is the name given to this place in attribution to El Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatimi, the fourth caliph (14th Ismaili Imam) of the Fatimid dynasty. This street is considered one of the oldest in the Islamic world and it is about one kilometer long, starting from Bab Al Futuh in the North and ending at Bab Zweila in the South, carrying different buildings, markets, and mosques.

Author: ismailimail

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