This village in Pakistan generates its own electricity!!

While the country faces a major power crisis Ahmedabad has electricity 24-7. Ahmedabad is a small village in Gilgit Baltistan and their community-run micro hydropower station was built in 2008 by the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme with backing from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund.

The Dam produces about 190 kilowatts of electricity an hour, which is enough to supply power to 144 homes in Ahmedabad and nearly 110 in the nearby villages of Sultanabad and Faizabad. Significantly improving the lifestyles of people of Ahmedabad who previously had to walk miles to fetch firewood, now they can run their businesses day and night without interruption and cook on electric stoves.

The plant has also improved education prospects and has slowed deforestation. Cutting landslide risks and using naturally running water the plant is eco friendly, and has improved the natural environmental balance as more trees are left standing to hold the soil and contributing massively to the global community.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

One thought

  1. AKDN has long time ago prepared a feasibility report and one of the conclusion of the study was that Northen Areas of Pakistan is tremendous water resources that can generate 44000 MW Of electric power , y building a series of hydro power station just like this one ,This generating capacity is at least 10 times more than the 4000 MW shortage on the national grid now.
    AKDN was also one of the principal investors for Bhasa Dams that Pakistan needs badly ,and largely for non financial reasons was shelved ,what a pity.


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