The Wisdom of Imam Zayn Al-Abidin (AS)

Excerpted Sayings of Imam Zayn al-Abidin

  1. If you are content with what is difficult for you of Allah’s decree, you are in the highest station of certainty.
  2. The world is insignificant if you value your own soul.
  3. Do you know when you are in the gravest of danger? It is when you don’t see the world as a danger to your soul.
  4. If you receive with humility what has been apportioned to you by Allah, you will be among the wealthiest of people.
  5. Be conscious of lying, whether small or great, in every serious and trivial situation, for if you lie about small matters, you will find the audacity to lie about great matters.
  6. All goodness is in the care for your soul.the_14_masoomeen__2__by_abbasmokhtari-dauwgt4
  7. O my son, stay away from five types. Never befriend a liar for they are like a mirage, making what is far appear near and what is near appear far. Never befriend one who is corrupt for they will sell you out for a mere morsel. Never befriend the miserly for they will abandon you at the time of your greatest need. Never befriend a fool, for they will try to benefit you but will cause you harm. Never befriend one who severs the ties of the womb for they are cursed in Allah’s book.

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