Malaika- My Angel

Malaika is a Swahili song written by Tanzanian musician Adam Salim in 1945. This song is possibly the most famous of all Swahili love songs in TanzaniaKenya and the entire East Africa, as well as being one of the most widely known of all Swahili songs in the world. Malaika in this context means “angel” in Swahili, and this word has always been used by the Swahili speakers to refer to a beautiful girl.

Watch young prodigy Afraaz Mulji’s improvisation of this famous song on piano


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Facebook: AfraazM – YouTube Channel

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

3 thoughts

  1. Yes, the Nostalgia of our days in our former domicile!. Mariam Makeeba who made the song world famous visited our store in Dar-es-Salaams,-PEERAS—many moons ago in the ’60s. This was a beautiful piano rendition—-Hopefully, Prodigy Afraaz will pen more African hits in the years to come—insallah


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