Ismaili Golden Club (Seniors): 17th Annual Asian Seniors Holiday Bash

Ismaili Golden Club (Seniors): 17th Annual Asian Seniors Holiday BashHOUSTON: Once again bringing joy to the elderly during the hectic Holiday season, on Friday, December 1, Club 65 brought a together a large number of South Asian seniors to the 17th Annual Asian Senior’s Holiday Luncheon at the Ocean Palace restaurant on Bellaire and Boone in Chinatown.

Their participation was organized by C65 President Paru McGuire and her volunteers who brought together 60 people, mostly seniors, of Indian descent to the annual event, which is was coordinated this year by the VN Teamwork non-profit organization. Among the more than 800 seniors at the event were members of the Indian Senior Citizen’s Association and the Ismaili Golden Club singing group who performed their unique style of music singing holiday songs, much to the delight of everyone.

Ismaili Golden Club (Seniors): 17th Annual Asian Seniors Holiday BashThis year, in addition to the Golden Club, the Ismaili community came forward with a yoga instructor who introduced the gathering to Laughter Yoga which had them all in stiches in no time. He explained the importance of laughter in curing ailments, apart from depression and anxiety, and the beneficial side effects that the act of laughing can bring.


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