Pakistan: Celebrating the life and times of Aga Khan IV

Source: The News Pakistan, by Zaigham Khan

Tomorrow is an important day for Ismaili Muslims all over the world; a season of yearlong celebrations start on July 11 to mark the 60th year of the Imamat of His Highness Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan III.

Though a spiritual leader of Ismailis, Aga Khan holds a special place in Pakistan due to the role of the Ismaili leadership in the foundation of Pakistan and his unique contribution to Pakistani society and its people. This is an occasion for all of us to pay our tributes to a remarkable Muslim leader – a statesman without a state. It is also an opportunity for us to remember his predecessor, Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah, Aga Khan III, a founding father of this country.

One hundred and six years ago, in 1911, Sir Sultan Mohammad Aga Khan embarked upon a country wide tour of India to collect funds for the Aligarh Muslim University. “I am now going out to beg from house to house and from street to street for the children of Indian Muslims,” he stated. Just as his ancestors, the Fatimid caliphs, had founded Al-Azhar University in Egypt, Aga Khan wanted a Muslim Oxford in India. Aligarh College became a university in 1920, twenty two years after the death of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

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