Diamond Jubilee Poem by Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Student Ziyaan Virji

My Journey …

Diamond Jubilee Poem by Aga Khan Academy Mombasa Student Ziyaan Virji

Like a seed that would never grow into a plant, I came

Although a fruitful seed, never exploited to the correct necessities

No proper soil or water, until came a point where they said I have no possibilities

But then light shone on me, it was time to reclaim

With good teachers and facilitators, soil and water was gradually provided

Through the affable people, I adjusted

Facilities and opportunities wouldn’t be regarded as a need anymore

A seedling I grew as, something they would adore

Like the detrimental pests, came the emotional breakdowns too

But with the joyful environment created, I would simply breakthrough

AKA strands, ATL skills, Profiles and Attributes,

was the regular water I would intake to be the best of me

Although I’m just a unique seedling in this colossal garden,

away from my original roots,

but the pluralistic and diversity present in every recruit,

wouldn’t allow anyone to use family as a madden

Through the constant motivation and leadership opportunities, I’ve grown

I’ve grown into a young plant from a seed that once was equal to a stone

Through the good nurturing, I’ve cultivated into a plant that stands up for himself

But that’s not where it ends

Although I’ve become a young plant with many leaves and flowers,

I’ve to face the world, the world that will step on me and the world that will adore me

I will strive to become enormous one day, and when I do

Just like my gardener taught me,

I will emanate back to where my roots really are

And ripen my garden into a huge forestry one day

By Ziyaan Virji

Ziyaan Virji is an Ismaili student currently studying in Year 9 at Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa. He wrote this poem as part of his journey at the academy, in commemoration of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee. Ziyaan have had a hidden love for poetry and through his skills he wants to educate and enlighten the rest of the world about his school, and how it has made him a better person. Although his poem is about his journey at the academy, you will be enlightened about the various skills and attributes Hazar Imam wants students to attain.


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