Letters to the editor – The Globe and Mail: Aga Khan in Canada

Letters to the editor - The Globe and Mail: Aga Khan in CanadaAga Khan in Canada

Re Trudeau A No-Show At Aga Khan Event (May 17): The Global Centre for Pluralism opened its new international headquarters in Ottawa on Tuesday. On behalf of the board of directors, we are delighted to see this next chapter in the centre’s life begin.

Speeches by the Aga Khan and Governor-General David Johnston seized on the opportunity to discuss how Canada has a responsibility in the world to share its experience with diversity and to demonstrate that pluralism is, indeed, possible.

To bring this centre to life, the Aga Khan has invested $10-million in the centre’s endowment fund and $35-million to restore its headquarters – a landmark heritage building in Ottawa that required considerable restoration. The Government of Canada matched his contribution. The Aga Khan also supplied the vision, discussing the idea for years with Canadian leaders and securing multipartisan support.

He has demonstrated his tremendous, long-term commitment to promoting inclusion and respect for diversity, both in Canada and around the world.

This should not be overlooked, but rather celebrated and encouraged.

Adrienne Clarkson, chair of the executive committee, board of directors, Global Centre for Pluralism; Huguette Labelle, member, board of directors, Global Centre for Pluralism

Source: May 19: Inclusion, pray tell. Plus other letters to the editor – The Globe and Mail


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  1. Congratulations to the Aga Khan for donating funds for the endowment and more funds for rebuilding the landmark heritage building as headquarters and to the Government of Canada for matching the amount. When completed, i believe the building will be even more attractive and serve as headquarters for many years to come, as His Highness has always rebuilt so many buildings around the world of importance.


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