(Ismaili Wedding) A Muslim Romance, Soundtrack by Kanye and Drake | The New York Times

Boy raised in Toronto. Girl grew up in Atlanta. They met car-pooling to the place of worship (Jamatkhana). Both fans of rap music. Fell in love. Organized a large Indian-themed wedding party.

In fall 2013, Samir Nurmohamed wanted desperately to go out with Salimah Nooruddin. There was only one problem: He had decided that she had to ask him out first.

He was — and is — an assistant professor of management at the Wharton School in Philadelphia who is known by his students for rapping his course concepts. And Ms. Nooruddin was a student there.

They had met car-pooling to their place of worship, which was 40 minutes away, since both are members of a small sect of Islam called Shia Imami Ismaili. And it didn’t take long for Mr. Nurmohamed to become smitten.And he didn’t figure it would look quite right for a professor to ask out a student — that she might feel pressured to say yes to a member of the faculty, even though she was not in any of his classes and they were both 27 at the time.

So he decided that he would wait, and wait, for her to ask him out.

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